tcpk2996 ClonMag™ His-Ni Purification Kit

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Product Description

ClonMag™ His-Ni Activated Magnetic Beads are uniform, silica-based superparamagnetic beads coated with high density NHS (N-hydroxyl succinimide) functional groups on the surface. The beads are used to specifically conjugate primary Amine-containingligands so other active groups in the ligand do not need to be protected prior to coupling. Reaction is quickly as 15-30 minutes at room temp pH 6.5–9, 4 hours at 4 °C). ClonMag™ His-Ni Activated Magnetic Beads are most suitable for conjugation of large proteins and small peptides.


ApplicationCell sorting, Immunoprecipitation
Purification for Antibodies, Proteins/Peptides, DNA/RNA
Research AreaPurification


FormColloidal Liquid
Concentration30 mg/ml (1% NiSO4.6H2O, 20% Ethanol)
Size:1µm-10µm diameter
ComponentSilica-coated iron oxide magnetic Beads charged with Ni+ on the surface

Misc Information

Storage InstructionStore at 4℃ ;DO NOT FREEZE (will cause permanent damages to beads)
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