tcem2012 DMEM, High glucose

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DMEM (Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium) was developed on the basis of MEM medium. Compared with MEM medium, the content of amino acid increased by 2 times, the content of vitamin increased by 4 times, and the content of non-essential amino acid, trace iron ion and sodium pyruvate were increased by 4 times. The glucose content of DMEM medium was originally designed as 1000 mg/L (low Glucose type), and then developed into 4500mg/L (high Glucose type), which has been widely used in cell culture. DMEM (High glucose) was widely used in fast growth, low adhesion cells, hybridoma myeloma cells, clone cells, DNA transfected transformation cells, various primary virus host cells, single cell culture and vaccine production. DMEM (High glucose) contains many kinds of amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and other ingredients for cell culture, but does not contain protein, lipids or any growth factors, so the product should be used with serum or serum-free additives.


Research AreaCell Culture


ComponentpH: 7.2-7.4
D-glucose: 4500mg/L
HEPES : Negative
L-glutamine :4mM
Phenol red :15mg/L
Sodium pyruvate :1mM
Penicillin G: Negative

Misc Information

Storage Instruction2-8°C, shading light
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