tcpk2991 ClonMag™ mRNA Purification Kit

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ClonMag™ mRNA Purification Kit is designed specifically for the isolation of pure, intact mRNA from purified total RNA utilizing magnetic separation technology. The isolation takes 15 minutes or less. The kit contains all the reagents necessary to isolate a typical range of 30-65µg of high quality mRNA in a single round of isolation. Increased yields are obtained from pooling multiple rounds of mRNA isolated from the same sample, using the same particles.

ClonMag™ mRNA Purification contains 1ml (10mg) of ClonMag™ Stepavidin Biotinylated Oligo (dT)25 Complex. is an aqueous suspension of 5 micrometer diameter, 50 nanometer pore diameter, superparamagnetics, totally porous glass particles with strepavidin covalently coupled to its surface and preloaded with Biotinylated Oligo (dT)25 at a level optimized for maximal mRNA yield. This Purification Kit contains all reagents necessary to isolate and purify from 30 - 70 ug of high quality mRNA (using mouse liver total RNA) from single round of isolation.


ApplicationmRNA Purification
Research AreaMolecular Biology


Component1 ml ClonMag™ Strepavidin Biotinylated Oligo (dT)25 complex (10mg, suspended in 50nM Tris HCL, pH 7.2, 2.0M NaCl,0.02% NaN3)
5 ml 2X Hybridization Binding Buffer
15 ml Hybridization Wash Buffer
1 ml Release Solution

Misc Information

Storage Instructionstore at 4 ℃ for 1 year ; Long Term store at -70 ℃
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