tcnk68081 AAV Purification Kit

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Recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors are highly promising tools for both in vitro and in vivo gene transfer. Taiclone's AAV Purification Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for concentrating and purifying AAV vectors from cell lysate and cell culture media. Purification is based on precipitation onto Taiclone's proprietary resin. Contaminating cellular debris is largely removed from the sample via a centrifugation step, while contaminating DNA and RNA is reduced using enzymatic digestion. AAV vector purified in this manner is highly active for use in

in vitro and in vivo transduction experiments.

Taiclon's AAV Purification Kit contains sufficient materials for 15 preparations (33.5 mL per prep of supernatant (SN) or a total of 500 mL of supernatant input). Approximately 1 mL of cell pellet can be purified per prep, up to a maximum of 15 mL of cell pellet in total for the entire kit.



ComponentLysis Solution S 5.5 mL
HL-SAN Nuclease 102 µL
Binding Buffer A 20 mL
Purification Solution C 60 mL
Purification Solution D 130 mL
Wash Solution C 2 x 130 mL
Slurry E 2 x 12.5 mL
Elution Buffer O (cap tightly, store at 4°C) 66 mL
Protein Neutralizer 4 mL
Elution tubes (1.7 mL) 50 mL
Product Insert 1 pc.

Misc Information

Storage InstructionAll other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. Once opened, the solutions should be stored at 4℃. All the reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.
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