tcst2082 ClonFluor®Antifade mounting medium (hardset)

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Product Description

The Antifade mounting medium (hardset) is recommended for use on fixed cells and tissues that have been stained with fluorescent stains. Cells can be viewed immediately, or if long term storage is desired, the reagent can be allowed to harden overnight.

All fluorescent dyes fade (photobleach) when exposed to excitation light. The amount of photobleaching depends on the dye, the intensity and the time of illumination. Many products have been developed to prevent fading of fluorescent dyes. These products often work well for one or more dyes, but often cause problems, such as degradation of other dyes. Antifade mounting medium (hardset) works well with many stains including fluorescein and rhodamine.



Tested ApplicationIF, IHC, Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection

Misc Information

Storage InstructionShort Term : -20°C ;Long Term -80°C Avoid exposure to light.
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