tcst2080 ClonFluor® Mounting Medium

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Product Description

ClonFluor® Mounting Medium is a water-soluble compound recommended for slides mounted after a staining procedure having an aqueous final step. Since ClonFluor® Mounting Medium is water-soluble, the coverslip may be removed by submerging the slide in a PBS solution until the coverslip is loosened. This mounting medium also provides a semi-permanent seal for storage of slide preparations.



Storage BufferContain NaN3 as a preservative
Tested ApplicationIHC-FS;IHC-Whole Mounting;(F)ISH;ICC/IF

Misc Information

Storage InstructionAvoid exposure to light, store at Room Temperature. (22-25°C)
ProtocolPrepare samples and perform staining according to established procedures Following aqueous final step, remove excess liquid around the sample and add 1 drop (~50 μL) of DAPI ClonFluor® Mounting Media for an area of 22 x 22 mm Mount coverslip and remove.
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