tcdt312 Mount-Quick Aqueous

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Product Description

Mount-Quick Aqueous is Sample mounter for permanent preservation.

(water soluble mounting medium for mounting after staining without dehydration)

Maintains superior transparency when fully hardened. Low fluorescence.

Mounting is simple with easy-to-use dropper bottle.

Specifications: Mobility: pale yellow, transparent, viscous aqueous solution; specific gravity: 0.88sp; viscosity: 33cp; refractive index: 1.41


ApplicationIHC Slide Mounting


FormViscous Gel

Misc Information

Storage InstructionAfter use, always replace cap and store in a cool, dark place.
NotesMount-Quick Aqueous can be used with methyl green and BCIP/NBT staining, but are not suited for long-term storage. After staining, we recommend photographing as soon as possible, as the color can fade in 24 hours after drying, dehydrating, clearing, and mounting. BCIP/NBT can stain red and black with immunostaining.
ProtocolDrop onto the cover glass or section from above. (Prevent bubble formation by inverting the container and touching the tip onto the bottom of the drop.) * Before first use, cut open the container tip at a 45° angle with a box cutter or scissors.
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