tcdt311 Tissue Capture PEN

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Product Description

Tissue Capture For better adherence of test sections and samples.

Combined use of Tissue Capture and Taiclone Super PAP Pen Liquid Blocker (tcdt309) allows adhesion of non-adherent and adherent cells to the glass slide in the desired location.

Immunostaining or ISH can be performed after cells are adhered to the glass slide from a few drops of cell suspension solution or from culture solution on a glass slide encircled with Liquid Blocker.

Enables simple preparation of samples of infected cells, as with cell adhesion using centrifugation.




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Misc Information

Storage InstructionRoom Temperature.
Relevance●Simply apply the tip to the desired location and the glass slide is ready for sample adhesion.
●Unlike conventional adherents, Tissue Capture does not require hot water extension of the sample attached to the glass slide.
●Prevents sample detachment during heat treatment or protein digestion with immunostaining or in situ hybridization (ISH) methods that have microwave protocols.
NotesKeep the cap tight after use.
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